Price Quote Wizard

This Wizard allows you to see the extent of the malicious activity we have logged in our databases as well as recent additions in the networks of your interest. Our databases go back to 2009 and they are updated with hundreds and often thousands of new entries every day. This gives you the perfect tool to help you keep your networks clean of malicious web sites that consume your resources and damage your market reputation.

The Wizard will also give you a price quote should you wish to purchase a one-year access package to the Threat Monitoring Portal. Our pricing is based on several criteria including amount of historical data, frequency of recent activity, size of networks and other factors.

You can select the networks that you wish to monitor either by ASN or by country. ISPs and hosting providers typically have one or a small number of ASNs that identify them. Enforcement and other customers may prefer to monitor networks nationally by country.

You can select up to five ASNs or countries. If you wish to monitor worldwide (all countries), please contact us for details and a price offer.
Price Quote by ASN
Price Quote by country